What is AddInProcess.exe and how do I remove or delete it?

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What is AddInProcess.exe?

AddInProcess.exe is a WIN32 and WIN64 executable file included in the Microsoft .Net Framework software package that was created by Nitro Company. It was first released for the Windows 7 operating system and is used even in Windows 11.

fig. cpu gpu and memory usage by AddInProcess.exe


When did I notice AddInprocess File?

I did not have any prior knowledge of these files. But after Windows 11 became unresponsive on my computer, I opened the task manager to investigate and discovered that the program AppInprocess.exe was using a significant amount of system resources, including RAM, CPU, and GPU. And I sometimes left it for a while in the hopes that the number of resources it used would decrease after some time, but there was no luck as the amount used never decreased.

I have just left my computer ideal without opening heavy applications, I have just opened Video Editing but also it keeps consuming RAM. Due to this, I moved forward to solve it.

Reason for Resources usage(RAM, CPU, and GPU) due to AddInprocess.Exe

While I was conducting research on a variety of articles, I came across the possibility of high CPU usage by the AddInProcess.exe process. The reason for this high usage can be: downloading the software and games from unreliable sources; utilizing Anti-Malware software that was provided by a third party; and utilizing multiple antiviruses.

Because of the persistent use of AddInProcess by this software, the utilization of system resources such as RAM, CPU, and GPU has increased.

Let's get a better understanding of the AddInProcess.exe process first before moving on to discussing how to delete the AddInProcess.exe process from Windows OS.

Location of AddInProcess.exe file 

This particular file can be found in the following directory structure:


Find the location of the AddInProcess.exe file?

The following instructions will guide you through locating the AddInProcess.exe file on your computer.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete from the keyboard and then click on Task Manager.
  2. Goto Service and Find AppInProcess.exe
  3. Right-click on it and click on Open File Location
  4. Now the actual location of the file is opened. Just find AddInProcess.exe in the list.
location path of addinprocess
fig. location path of addinprocess

Can I remove or delete AddInProcess.exe?

Without any valid reason, you should not delete anything from your System Drive as it badly impacts your computer performance. But what to do sometimes we are forced to delete and so I request you to backup the AddInprocess.exe file and then delete it. 

Even if you delete this file, it does not affect your system from booting and working with other tasks. But if any of your programs/software stops working you can place this exe file in the exact same path from where you have deleted it.

How to delete AddInProcess.exe from Task Manager?

When you try to delete the file from the task manager by right-clicking on AddInProcess.exe and selecting Delete, the file is successfully deleted. The same file appears again in task manager. This means you won't be able to delete the running process from the task manager or kill the AddInprocess process.

So,  The End Task command of Task Manager has no effect whatsoever.

Therefore, the solution to the issue is to either remove AddInProcess.exe entirely or reduce the resource used by AddInProcess.

How to Delete AddInProcess.exe Permanently?

Deleting AddInProcess.exe seems to be a better option. Here are the steps for deleting AddInProcess.exe permanently.

1 Download Unlocker software. (click here)

2 Install it 

3 Open the UnLocker.

Open UnLocker
fig. Open Unlocker to delete undeletable AddInProcess.exe 

4 Then Search for the location of AddInProcess.exe by going to the path :


 and then click on AddInProcess.exe and click on Ok.

fig. Select AddInProcess.exe and click on Ok to delete it

5. In the next screen, choose Delete from the first dropdown and click on the Ok button.

fig.Select Delete Option and click Ok

6. If you get a popup stating Do you want to perform the requested delete operation at the next reboot? Just click on Yes and Reboot the system. And you will find AddInprocess.exe gets removed from the system. You can visit Task Manager and you will not find AddInProcess.exe there.


In this way, we delete AddInprocess.exe successfully.

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In this way , you can delete Addinprocess.exe from your Windows System.