Meet Active Real Heroes of Nepal

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In a country of discrimination based on sex, caste, creed and work are spreading, the pain and suffering of the masses often go unnoticed. It is then that courageous people like Anuradha Koirala,  Sanduk Ruit, Kulman Ghising, Mahabir Pun, Pushpa Basnet, Rabi Lamichhane, Bhagwan Koirala etc take initiative and make it their responsibility to spread awareness, protest and seek help as and when needed. Hope government support such citizens and help those works do with ease.

Meet Active - Real Life Heroes of Nepal

Here, we have mentioned real-life heroes of Nepal and order of those heroes are not taken into consideration.

1) Anuradha Koirala

Anuradha Koirala is a famous Women and Child Activist and considered as "Mother Teresa of Nepal". She is the founder and director of Maiti Nepal(April 1993) – a non-profit organization in Nepal, fully dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking. She is best known for her efforts to fight against girls trafficking.

    Maiti Nepal under her representative today conducts a wide range of activities. The main activities and objective of Maiti Nepal are to provide comprehensive prevention from girls trafficking, rescuing and rehabilitating the survivors from trafficking, advocating them for justice and ensuring that effective immediate action is taken against their traffickers.

anuradha koirala

Fig: Anuradha Koirala

So far, Anuradha Koirala has been provided many national and international award in recognition of her struggling acts and lifetime achievement furthering the cause of children's and women's rights. Some of the national and international awards she has achieved are :

1) Mother Teresa Awards (officially called Mother Teresa Memorial Awards for Social Justice) in 2014

2) CNN Hero of the Year award 2010

3) German UNIFEM Prize 2007

4) Queen Sofia Silver Medal Award 2007

5) The Peace Abbey, Courage of Conscience 2006

6) Best Social Worker of the Year Award (Nepal) in 1998

7) Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu Medal (Nepal) in 1999

8) Trishaktipatta Award in 2002 and many more.

Because of her impressive action, the US government has given a two-year grant of $500,000 to Maiti Nepal in April 2010 AD.

CNN has recognized her as a TOP 10 Heroes of the world list. This honour makes  Pride for our Nation. Due to her continuous struggle, the Government of Nepal recognized anti-trafficking day on 5 September.

Anuradha Koirala says "Join me to create a society free of trafficking, we need to do this for all our daughters" .

2) Dr Sanduk Ruit

Dr Sanduk Ruit popularly known as "The God of Sight of Nepal" is Nepalese Ophthalmologist and world-renowned expert in Cataract surgery. He is one of the founders of the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology. Nepal Government is setting up intraocular lens Factory within the country and made lens by reducing the cost of making a lens to about 90 %, and provides the lens with around Rs 250 to Rs 300 per unit, and this lens is sold across the world as well.

dr sanduk with his team and patient

Fig: Dr Sanduk with his team and patients

      Dr Ruit is the first Ophthalmologist to perform cataract surgery and the first one to pioneer high-quality micro-surgical procedures in remote camps. Dr Sanduk Ruit aimed to remove the problem that people are facing due to cataracts. So, he and his team expend these services to about 50 countries of Africa and Asia. He and his team worked vigorously to recover vision lost due to poverty and lack of education. He has restored eyesight to more than 1.25 lakhs people, perhaps more than any doctor in history, and his teams provide free treatment for those people who cannot afford to pay for this cataract treatment.

Due to hard work, he was awarded Ramon Magsaysay (Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize)    and Padma Shri Award  (by Government of India )

Consult icare clinic (Phone: 01-4445746) and Tilganga Hospital (Phone: 01-4493684) for eye related problem.

3) Kulman Ghising

Kulman Ghising is Present Managing Director at Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA) of Nepal. He is best known for his approaches in managing Electrical Demand and Supply, thus eliminating electricity cut off problem in key urban cities of Nepal. Since then the life of urban people has been much easier and comfortable.

kulman ghisingFig: Kulman Ghising ( His facebook profile)

          The capital city that faced up to 21 hours of load shedding(power cut off) is now glowing at night with nearly providing service 24/7. He made an impossible task possible, thanks to "Kulman Ghising" but now also rural areas people are still facing the difficulties and discomfort of electricity.So then and now he is on the mission of making the entire nation free from load shedding.

4) Mahabir Pun

Mahabir Pun is Teacher, Social Entrepreneur and Social Activist. Mahabir Pun is popularly known as "God of Internet For Nepal" because for his extensive work in applying wireless technologies to develop remote areas of the Himalayas.

After successfully completing Master Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, he returns to his native village( Nangi remote village in Myagdi District ) with an ambition and goal to change his homeland,then he began teaching computer classes to student, at that time it  was impossible to establish a telephone connection to nearest city, Pokhara, it is two-day hike away and decided the smarter ways to connects them, then he asked help from BBC online news then they helped him by publishing online article specifying his project on their sites, as a result, Pun received many emails, finally two volunteers from Finland named Johnny and from  Belgium named Johann decided to come to his homeland to support his project, then they started working for establishing the connection between Nangi and Pokhara through wireless connection. This project is named a Nepal wireless networking project (2002 AD).

all about mahabur pun successFig: Mahabir Pun

At that time, it was difficult because Wireless Technology like Wi-Fi was just emerging. Despite all challenges, Pun was able to connect 13 mountain villages by 2006 to the Internet so that kids can get a chance to learn new things. Today, those villages are using the Internet for e-learning, e-healthcare, local e-commerce, community discussions, money transfers and weather monitoring. He on the lead has established a high school in Nangi where 350 children are learning with the latest online educational materials. Now, via the internet ,  worker of a medical clinic in Nangi can have communication through video conferencing system to hospital in Kathmandu. This all effort goes to non-other than Mahabir Pun.

Now, Mahabir Pun along with his team in National Innovation Centre trying to test medical drone flight in Myagdi district. According to him, the medical drone will assist in the collection of stool and urine sample, medicine from rural areas to bring it on lab for diagnosing disease, and send back to its original place.

Due to hard work, he was awarded the following things:

1) In 2002, Pun was elected Ashoka Fellow by the Ashoka Foundation, the global association of leading social entrepreneurs. 

2) In 2004, Pun received the Overall Social Innovations Award from the Global Ideas Bank, aka the Institute for Social Inventions.

3) In 2007, Pun was awarded the Magsaysay Award, considered by some to be the Nobel Prize of Asia.

4) Later in 2007, the University of Nebraska awarded Pun an honorary degree as Doctor of Humane Letters for his outstanding work for his country, Nepal.

5) In 2014 Pun was awarded the Jonathan B. Postel Service Award by the Internet Society.

Mahabir Pun is also the  Founder Of National Innovative Center(Rashtriya Abiskar Kendra), a Nonprofit organization in 2012, whose primary objective is to foster research and developments for the economic development of the country.

5) Dhurmus - Suntali

Sitaram Kattel (from Jhapa) popularly known by his serial name Dhurmus is a Nepali comedian, actor and social worker. Dunjana Ghimire (from Lalitpur) popularly known by her serial name Suntali is a Nepali Comedian, actor and a social worker. They are husband and wife since 2009 AD.

sitaram and kunjanaFig:Dhurmus(right)-Suntali(Left)

Sitaram with his wifi Kunjana, established Dhurmus Suntali Foundation which is a Nepalese charity for victims of April 25, 2015 (Baisakh 12, 2074) with the aim of reconstruction of settlement for survivors and conduct other social welfare activities. 

There projects are:

1) Musahar Basti - Rebuild the village (Done)

2) Pahari Namuna Basti - Finished Building the village (Done)

3) Giran Chaur namuna Basti -Finished Building the village (Done)

4) Santapur Namuna Basti - Finished Building the village (Done)

dhurmus-suntali foundation completed projectFig:Project completed by Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation( A : Musahar Basti, B: Santapur Namuna Basti,

C: Giran Chaur namuna Basti D:  Pahari Basti)

5) Lord Buddha International Cricket Stadium - (ongoing)

Load Buddha International StadiumFig: Lord Buddha International Cricket Stadium(On Going)

6) Model Nepal ( ongoing)

Different national and international has collaboration with this foundation and conducting each and every project smoothly on a set time.

If you would like to help this foundation: Go Here. 

6) Pushpa Basnet

Pushpa Basnet is a social worker and the Founder/President of Early Childhood Development Center and Butterfly Home, non-profit organizations, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Her story begins here:

In Nepal when parents have been arrested by the police then the children don't have a local guardian, some children go to prison with there parents. When she visited the jail, she was studying bachelors in social work at St. Xavier's College, She saw a small girl who just grabbed her shawl and that little girl just gave her a smile. It was really hard for her to forget that moment then she committed to helping those children. So, for this, she raised 70000 rupees (roughly $885) from here close friends and sister, and started a non-profit organization.,The ECDC to provide a daycare program to children in 2005, at that time she was just 21. Her mission was no child grows up behinds prison wall.

She started by taking children from jail in the morning and go back to jail in the afternoon. She gives all the facilities that normal children should have and she wanted to fulfil all the dream. They have colouring, reading studying 5 days of weak in the organization. She started residential home in 2007, at that time she was looking after 40 children mostly above 6 years of old. All the children called her "Mamu".Currently (taken at 2019/05/26), in the here project, there are 45 children ranging from 18 months to 24/25 years also in Jail there are around 80 children directly or directly getting help from her project. She runs a day care centre for the prison children and a residential home for older ones. She has also helped to provide alternative residence, school enrollment, free meals and medical care to themShe started this organization at 21 years old.

CNN Hero Award : Puspa BasnetFig: Puspa Banset 

In 2009, sponsored by ChangeFusion Nepal, she started a program to coach parents to make handicrafts inside the cell. The main objective of the program is to make the female prisoners as well as former prisoners to become involved in income generating activities through which they can sustain their livelihood and contribute towards raising their children

Her efforts have been recognized by national and international media since she was nominated for CNN Heroes Award, which she subsequently won in 2012.CNN heroes gave $50000 amount for her effort and contributions towards the welfare of children who are behind the bars. Each of the Top 10 CNN Heroes received $50000 in recognition of their work and Basnet's non-profit ECDC has been awarded an additional $250000 grant to continue the work. Pushpa Basnet has recently been awarded as CNN superhero 2016.

7) Rabi Lammichane
Rabi Lammichane is a Nepalese journalist who currently hosts his own news program called "SIDHA KURA JANATA SANGA " at News24 TV and actively worked as a journalist from 2013 till present.

He is the only reporter to set Guinness World Record for airing a show for around 63 hours during a live broadcast by News24 Television in April 2013. The show was mainly on the theme ‘Buddha Was Born In Nepal’.And he made the call to all the great politician, celebrities, journalists and all the other representative people.(source here)

rabi lamichanneFig: Rabi Lamichanne

He writes and reports news stories about everything, from social issues and politics to sports and entertainment.His way of asking the question to the politician makes everyone feel that he has something potential and he is something different from all other journalists present in the town. Uncovering the bitter truth and giving justice to the people, to raise voice against misconducts, helps people in need he has been successful to be in the heart of all Nepalese People.

With his good investigational skills, observational skills, the fearless skill of asking question etc makes him as most influential journalist of Nepal and outside Nepal as well.

8)Dr. Bhagwan Koirala

Bhagawan Koirala, MD is a top Cardiothoracic(heart) surgeon, professor and Social worker of Nepal. He is best known for pioneering Open-heart surgery in Nepal, and for starting operational cardiac care for the public.

 His initiative of Open-heart surgery. gave hope for treating heart diseases inside the country by establishing the first fully operational heart hospital

Dr Bhagwan Koirala is one of the most important heart surgeons in Nepal who has not only been successful to start the fight against the heart diseases in Nepal but has also given hope to the poor parents who feared the death of their children by heart diseases due to the lack of money. He has become their god. He has performed over 10,000 heart operations, personally or directly supervised, from 2001 to 2012.  His social initiative came at the time when Nepal completely lacked resources to treat heart patients, and the rate of heart-related diseases was increasing in the region. Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center, headed by Koirala, is famously known for providing medicines at lower prices than the suggested retail price. He also represents the team of Cardiovascular Surgery for Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology's Scientific Council (May 2011 to Feb 2013)(source).

His objective or the motto for the work is stated by the following sentence “No child of this country shall die of heart disease because of poverty.” Dr Bhagwan Koirala has been awarded with ‘Good Governance Award’. and has received much honour from national and international as well.

9)Dr. Govinda KC

dr govinda kcDr.Govinda K.C. is a Nepali Senior orthopaedic surgeon and philanthropic activist. He is more than a doctor for Nepalese people. He has dedicated his life to students, patients and social welfare. He has gone through many hunger strikes to ensure the betterment of the country's medical education sector because we know that Nepali student is compelled to go abroad for medical studies to get better opportunities due to limited collages, quotas, low quality, limited hospital and he worked for helping those students.

He has gone through 16th hunder strikes which these demand in short.

For better information visit: Himalayan Times

Note that these  point are only the theme of his some demand.

1) Those institutions which don't obey rules of government and court should be closed.

2) Power should be given to IOM (Institute of Medicine ) related to setting student admission and duty and bill a provision.

3) Medical education institutes in Kathmandu that have been waiting to receive affiliations after receiving Letter of Intent should not receive recognition. This could mostly affect the fate of medical institutes run by political leaders.

4) People should be allowed to demonstrate their demand in Maiti Ghar mandala.

5) The fee ceiling for MBBS & MD/MS education should be set to around Rs 22 lakhs respectively. This criteria, however, should be revised in every two years based on the inflation and a decision by the faculty board, the highest academic authority for medical education.

6) The government should to ensure one government medical college for every private medical college as KU has done.

7) Education Minister, who is Tribhuvan University’s Pro-Chancellor by virtue of his position, to tell the Vice-Chancellor to immediately appoint the dean at Institute of Medicine

8) The government should open a medical college in Karnali, Rapti, Pachthar- Ilam, Udayapur and other rural areas.
He has also demanded at least one government-run medical, dental and nursing college in every province

9) Decreasing medical seats gradually from 150 to 135 then to 115 and limit it to 100 seats in the next three years.

10) He is also pushing for more scholarships from the government as well as private medical colleges.

11) KC wants the bill to allow new medical, dental or nursing colleges only after running 300-bed and 100-bed hospitals for three consecutive years.

12) The arrangement of the Health Professional Education Commission to manage and direct therapeutic training

Because of his strong determination and hard work, he has given the National Integrity Award by Transparency International Nepal on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day for his hard work.

Also, he has a growing support whole over Nepal for the nomination of Dr Govinda for the Nobel Peace Prize Award. Best Wishes to Him.

Also, there are many other living heroes of Nepal. I would like to list a few of them :


1) Maiti Nepal

2) Anuradha Koirala

3) Sanduk Ruit

4) Mahabir Pun

5)Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation 1

6)Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation 2

7) Pushpa Basnet

8)Pushpa Basnet - Wikipedia

9)Rabi Lamichane - Wikipedia

10)Bhagwan Koirala - Wikipedia

11)Govinda KC - Himalayan times, Nepalitimes