WhatsApps Group For Book Lovers and Readers

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As Statista reports of 2021, approximately 2 Billion users are actively using WhatsApp so considered as a most used mobile social messengering app in the world. There are various features of Whatsapp among them WhatsApp Group Chat is the most popular and useful feature. If you have used Whatsapp then you already have known about Whatsapp Group.WhatsApp Group is generally used to unite members of similar interests.

Reading Books is very helpful. It helps in

  • Strengthens the brainpower,
  • Builds vocabulary.
  • Develops our thoughts.
  • keeping our minds active
  • Stress Reduction

If you are a book lover and reader then WhatsApp Group Chat would be the best option. Here are the list of WhatsApp Groups for Book Lovers and Readers.

Note: To be in any group,
1) Don't spam, don't share, and chat on an unrelated topic.
2) Do not change group information like group name with admin permission.
3) Be polite and respectable in the group
4) Do not share affiliate links.
5) Think each group is for educational purposes only.
6) Do not mistreat any group members.
7) Don't post any personal information in these groups.

Here are the list of WhatsApp group for a book lover.

1 Link1

2  Link2


4  Link4

5  If you are an exam preparation book lover and reader then this link might be useful. Link5

6  Oxford University Group Link6

7  Chemistry Book and Content Lover: Link7

8  Learn Grammer Related Stuff: Link1, Link2

9  Quiz book lovers: Link1

10  Proficient Academician : Link1

11 English and Grammer: Link1

12 Motivation Books Lover: Link1 , Link2

Click on the above link and click on "Join Chat" that's it. Now, you are active in the group.

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So, from today start reading books. And many successful peoples like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, etc read books.

Note: Not if you get a "link has been reset" message then skip that link because the admin may have reset the link for the WhatsApp group and generated a new one.
Also, you may get a "link is full" message then also you have to skip that link and try next because the WhatsApp group can have only 256 participants


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