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Netflix is still a king in movies streaming services in the world and dominating whole online movie streaming services. But Some might be unhappy with Netflix and there may a large fraction of unhappy users looking for Netflix like websites. If you are in the same stage then you are in right place.

So, before discussing the best sites like Netflix. Let's discuss something about Netflix and its strategy.

Here are the best sites like Netflix.

Non-Free Category

1) Amazon Prime

It is an amazing paid movie website like Netflix.Amazon Prime offers more titles and has an incredibly large amount of content library of movies and TV shows than NetFlix.It is launched in 2006 as "Amazon Unbox" and later rebranded in 2008 as "Amazon Video on Demand" then "Amazon Prime Instant Video " in 2011

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime also provides a 30 days free trial period and after the trial period wants to continue than have to pay $99 /year. If you are prime membership then they offer free fast shipping for purchases, free kindle content, and exclusive shopping deals and selection.

Like Netflix, amazon prime also does not show any Ads within the video content. Also, if you like you can download the video for offline viewing.

Like NetFlix, Amazon Primes is also a compatible wide variety of devices like amazon devices, amazon fire tv, android devices, android, and apple tv, Nintendo, Roku, smart TV, Web Browsers, Xbox, and many more.


2) Disney+

Disney+ is one of the newest movie sites like Netflix.Disney+ is the U.S. on-demand over-the-top(OTT) streaming service, owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. Its parental company is Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. It was launched on November 12, 2019.

websites like netflix

Disney Plus is also one of the OTT streaming services for watching TV shows and films.

If you love children's contents and family-friendly content or just want to watch classic movies and news from Disney then it's good to use Disney Plus. You will not find horror movies, crimes or r-rated(mature, adult, or vulgar) shows in Disney.

Disney does have children's lock and settings so that Children can not see adult content.

It provides access to a lot of stellar classics old Disney cartoons like Steamboat willie etc. Like Netflix, Disney+ is compatible with a wide range of devices from smartphones, tablets, websites, smartTV, streaming devices, gaming consoles, etc.(more info)

Disney+ Netflix
Family-Friendly and Child-focused Content Large Variety of Content
In the standard plan, 4K and multiple streaming are included. Available to 4K support and multiple streaming support if upgraded from the basic plan

Prices started at $6.99 / month for disney+ only.

For Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle,$12.99/month

Prices started at $ 8.99 / month.

Ranges from $ 8.99 - $ 15.99/month.

Has only 7 days of trial on all types Have 3 months of trial in all three types of plan
Even in the standard plan, 4 simultaneous streams allowed on all plan 4 simultaneous stream is allowed with Netflix + premium services.
Can create 7 user profile Can create 5 user profile
Unlimited download available up to 10 devices
100 downloads/device for up  to four devices


HBO Max is an American AT&T WarnerMedia OTT video streaming platform launched on May 27, 2020 AD. It has everything that "standard" HBO has.

movies sites like netflix : hbo max

4) Apple TV+

5) Hulu

Free Cost Category


Crackle is one of the best movie sites like Netflix. It is possibly the best-known competitor of Netflix. It provides good, user-friendly, and free streaming services with the best Hollywood movies and TV shows. Crackle has inbuilt video ads-supported which may appear suddenly before and middle while playing movies and TV shows. You do not have to pay monthly subscription fees as Netflix does. You do not have to sign up as well.

crackle, the netflix like websites
Crackle was previously known as Grouper and later sony pictures own it and renamed crackle. Its main content, therefore, comes from the Sony TV and film library. But also features the content of Soul Entertainment from Columbia Pictures, Tristar Pictures, and Screen Gems. It does not have premium options.

The services can be accessed in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese in 21 countries. It is compatible with various types of devices like mobile, tablets, desktop, smart TV, Non-Nintendo consoles like PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, etc.

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2) Amazon IMDb TV

IMDb TV stands for Internet Movie Database Television. It is another site like Netflix. It is amazon owned free and emerging streaming services. In January 2019 it started with the IMDb Freedive name but was subsequently rebranded to IMDb TV. IMDb TV provides popular TV shows and hit movies for free with video ads. Legally its content can be viewed in America. You can watch on IMDb websites, IMDb app(Android and IoS), Apple TV, Echo screen Devices, and many more.

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3) Tubi

Tubi is also one of the movie sites like Netflix which is providing a rich collection of classic movies and TV shows. If you want those types of movies and shows then Tubi can be a good start point. It is online, has lots of shows and films for people of any sort, and has a good user interface.

Tubi contents are video ads supported and those ads are around 15-30 seconds and are not skippable. You can watch their content without subscribing and even without login.

Available in a wide variety of devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, smart TV, Samsung Bluray players, android, ios,iPad, Windows and PlayStation, and web browsers at


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