Best Websites to Find Free Online Books for Kids

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Free Online Books For Kids

In this technology era, most children including adults are busy playing with social media, watching TV.So, instead of engaging too much on that stuff, it is good for developing a culture in kids for reading books in their free time. It's not easy for finding the books you need in the book store. So, you can use technology for accessing those resources easily. You just need an internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone. Don't worry.I am here to guide you.

Advantage of Reading Online Books for Kids

  • Lots of books are available on the internet. It saves your time and money as we should not have to go to the book store and library for searching, borrowing, and buying the books.
  • Online Books are portable. We can take it anywhere we like.
  • Online resources save space as you do not have to store books in your store. Just needs an internet connection and a few megabytes of space(if needed)
It is helpful for parents and teachers who are searching for resources online for helping their kids and students to make them busy and engaged. So, getting that good online books for kids is difficult. So, I am here to find you. Without further ado, let's start:

Source of Free Online Books for Kids

  • Oxford Owl
  • International Children's Digital Library
  • Storyline Online
  • StoryBerries
  • Magic Keys
  • Mrs. P’s Magic Library
  • Storynory
  • StoryJumper
  • Amazon free Kids ebook
  • Free Children's Stories
  • BookTrust
  • FreeKidsBook
  • Improving Literacy
  • LoveReading4Kids
  • Loyalbooks
  • MonkeyPen
  • kidsworldfun

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is an award-winning Oxford University Press website that provides great online oxford primary resources for the development of children with expert advice and free activities. It is available for home and school versions with oxford programs and is targeting the age group from 3-11 years old.


Oxford Owl for Home gives parents and caregivers guidance to support their young children on their journey through school.No need Login.

Oxford Owl for School requires a login and it provides Teaching resources and expert school improvement support and subscriptions for Primary Schools. It provides Storytelling videos, books recommendations, Activity sheets, and teaching notes

You as a user can select various age groups, stages, reading level, book type, or series before reading.

International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)

It is a 100% free multicultural online library designing specially for children of the age group from 3 to 13. These digitized children's books are available in 59 languages. It is a great tool and an incredible concept for a multicultural-focused family.

Parents must be informed that the International Children's Digital Library is a multicultural library of comprehensive, age-specific, and age-appropriate books.

The website is accessible easily and enables users to search for books by age, geographical region, language, types of characters, book-length, or genre. The non-profit organization uses strict privacy rules and external links to keep children away from pornographic content.


It is ready to use learning platform for children where they can read by themselves by simply clicking on "Read Books".They can read the book even without login.

The broader mission of the library is to allow children around the world to use a library system and to read a variety of quality literature.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a free website, a program of SAG-AFTRA Foundation(Nonprofit Organization), and is targeting children younger than 4 years. Great for children who need greater exposure to quality literature and for teachers with little time and assistance.

Teachers and Parents are finding out Storyline Online resources as valuable resources. It also has video content but required a Macromedia flash player to view it. Each of the videos has a different actor and actress reading books for students.



It is a website with a great collection of free bedtime stories and kids' books online. The platform offers free stories for children age up to 12 to read alone or in the browser with parents using computers as well as mobile devices.

It provides stories for various age groups,time(from 5 minutes to 20+ minutes), types(picture books, fairy books, chapter books, comic books etc),topic(adventure, animal,bath,art,birthday etc)and conversation(communication,family,feeling,friendship,greed,dogs , doll etc).You can filter and use accordingly.


It also provides audio, video content as well.

Magic Keys

Magic Keys


Mrs. P’s Magic Library

It is a free website that provides educational and entertaining content for the children targeting the age group from 3 to 12 but sharply focused on 3 - 6 years kids.

Most of the titles of these sites are available on Youtube. In the video TV star Kathy Kinney as Mrs. P, sits on her couch near a fire and reads classic children's books aloud. She offers a brief, sometimes fun introduction, typically based on a young adventure and somehow connected to the story She is about to learn. She is about to read. Then she read the story to the camera directly. The videos contain photos or diagrams but mainly concentrate on the storyteller's dramatic performances "in the hope that viewers will use their imaginations.". There are no advertising and subscription fees. So, enjoy it.




It is especially for kids and has an attractive UI interface with endless enjoyable music, audiobooks, poems. You can download it and share it with others without registering and subscribing.


StoryJumper is a website design for kids and I personally love the way they are presenting their contents. Its popular categories are Pets, Family, Friends, Roblox, Minecraft, etc. It is currently available in Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Turkey, Lithuanian, etc. This is equally important for both home and school. Teachers and Students can use storyJumper with and without google classroom.


Amazon’s Free Kids eBooks

The kid books listed on Amazon are the top 100 bestsellers, and they're updated frequently. It has free ebooks as well as paid ones. Amazon Kid's ebooks are categorized in the children's eBooks section and they are organized by a number of subsections including Sports and Outdoors, Comics & Graphic Novels, Animals, Action & Adventure, Early Learning, etc.


Free Children's Stories

Their mission is to offer traditional, meaningful storytelling to every child, parent, or teacher around the globe with access to the internet, for free. illustrated children's stories for kids between the ages of 5 and 8 that deal with a more complex story and plot, including interactive stories that deal with deductive



BookTrust is the largest children's reading charity in the UK. Its vision is "Every child discovers the joy and power of reading to create limitless possibilities".



It provides lots of kids books targeting toddlers, children, older children as well as young adults. You can read online, read using epub reader, and download as pdf. There is a reading facility where you can read according to good reading.


You can read, listen, and play on various subjects like Fantasy, folklore, historical fiction, non-fiction, realistic fiction, and science fiction.
It is UK no. 1 book recommendation sites for children's books. It also provides attractive short fun stories presenting fun and interesting way.


It has a large collection of books including interesting children's books which can be download in many languages like Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and many more. You can filter the book by author and it has provided a rating on each ebook. It provides free audiobooks and eBooks.Also, there are paid books as well.


MonkeyPen has thousands of storybooks, children's picture books, illustrated children's books, bedtime stories which you can download in pdf for free. According to them, these all books are high-quality books that help children to entertain and educate. These books help the things that traditional children's schools do not teach such as Money management,, investment in health, self-mastery, relationship building.